How to choose the job role that’s right for you

It’s a great position to find yourself in when you’ve got multiple job offers to choose from, but how do you weigh up the pros and cons of each role to know which one to accept?

It’s not always as simple as going with the job that offers you the most money, as there are many more incentives that come with job offers.

Where do you start? Keep reading for our top tips!

Be more selective with interviews

If you’re not at the point where you’ve been offered a role yet, but your CV has landed you multiple job interviews, don’t put pressure on yourself to attend them all! If there was a role you applied for that you weren’t that excited about, there is no point going in and interviewing for it.

Nine times out of ten, the interview panel will probably get a feel from you that you don’t want the job, so leave it for someone else to interview for. There is nothing wrong with being selective about who you interview with!

More research into the employers

As much as someone might want you for their vacant position, as they’ve learnt a lot about you via your CV and job interview, and got a feel for your personality, how much have you learnt about your new potential boss and team?

One of the top reasons for someone looking for a job elsewhere is to seek a better management relationships.[1] You need to do the research into the company culture to know if you will fit in with the team, and that the company values match your own.

A good way of doing this is by reading the companies about me pages on their website and looking up some potential new colleagues on LinkedIn. Do they share a lot about the people they work for, is it positive, do they share company outings, etc. Put your Sherlock Holmes hat on and do some investigating!

What’s important to you from the package on offer

It would be naive to assume that one of the main incentives when looking at job offers, is the salary. We are more likely going to consider one job over another because of a higher pay cheque. But don’t get bogged down by the numbers - what other perks are the company offering you?

Do they provide free on-site parking (where another similar role does not and you’re paying out more than the other role would bring in, in parking fees).

Is there a monthly or yearly bonus incentive? Some companies will offer a yearly bonus, regardless of targets, whereas others require you to hit month-to-month hitting targets to bring home a bit of extra cash in your pay slip.

Is there an option for overtime, and if so, how does that pay? Or if you work overtime, do you get to take the time back in lieu instead?

  Other things to consider include[2]:

  • Free travel pass/commuter benefits
  • Onsite nursery/childcare assistance
  • Gym memberships
  • Game rooms
  • Stocked fridge and pantry
  • Flexible working hours
  • Extended parental leave
  • Pet-friendly workplace
  • Educational opportunities

Temp or perm

Permanent roles are rather self-explanatory, you are filling a job that has no end date in sight (unless you leave or are asked to leave), and they can be full time or part-time. Whereas a temp role is something that does have an end date, such as seasonal work, or covering someone’s maternity or paternity leave.

And for some, one is more appealing when choosing a job than another. It could be that you are filling a work gap until you start a permanent role in a few months, or before starting university – this would be a temp role. Or you need a full-time permanent role, because you need extra job security. Whichever suits you, these are important things to be looking for when choosing the right job role.

Progression opportunities

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘hitting the glass ceiling?’ When you’ve gone as far as you can in a role, and there is nowhere else to progress. It’s not always a monitory glass ceiling either, it could be that the role you are in cannot progress into another, higher responsibility role, and you either stick it out and stay where you are because it is easy, comfortable, and what you know, or you take a leap and start looking to a new company for a different job - one where progression opportunities are outlined in the job description.

So, ask yourself this, is progression important to you when choosing a job? If you plan on becoming the CEO of the company you are interviewing for one day, are there roles leading up that point that you could progress into as your experience and dedication to a business grows.

Or perhaps that does not appeal to you, and you are happy working your hours, and doing what is asked of you, and leaving work at 5pm on a Friday and not having to worry about it until 9am on a Monday.

Whichever is your preference, these are all important pros and cons to be considering when choosing a job.

Remote or hybrid

Go back 3 or 4 years ago, not many of us would have heard the word hybrid, never mind thinking that hybrid working could be something on offer in a new job role. But now, for some, the opportunity to have a hybrid working pattern or even working remotely is a serious job perk!

Of course, it is not for everyone, and there are certain jobs where this is just not an option, but for some people when choosing between one role and another, having remote or hybrid working on the table is the tipping point between accepting a job and declining it. It’s all down to personal preference.

How working with a recruiter can help you focus on what’s right for you

At Multitask Personnel, our experienced recruiters have been placing job seekers in their perfect roles since 2010.

Our dedicated team work with key employers across many different areas of the job market, placing candidates into temporary, contract, and permanent positions, ideal to their skill set, experience, and personality, throughout the UK.

We put the time and effort in with all our candidates, ensuring we get to know you as a person and understand your employment needs.

We can help you answer all the difficult questions about which job would be most suitable for you to choose, because we get to know you, and only put you forward for vacancies once we’re confident it is the right fit for you, not only for the role itself, but also the company.

If you want to speak to a recruiter that works for you, contact the team at Multitask Personnel on 01709 820102 or

[1] Indeed, July 2022

[2] Indeed, November 2022


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