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  • Waste Loader with a Driving Licence – Rotherham

    Our client offer a range of services to the Rotherham area, one of these services is household bin collections. Due to the current situation and the role being a key worker role they are looking to recruit Waste Loaders with a driving licence …

  • Administrator – Permanent (Letchworth)

    Are you looking for a new permanent venture? Do you have a strong background within administration? If so, read on…

  • Service Desk Co-ordinator

    Our client are one of the leading independent Doosan, Combilift and Aisle-Master forklift truck dealers in the UK, providing full OEM support from their depot south of Sheffield.

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  • Temporary workers seem to be all the rage at present, especially as some sectors continue to get to grips with new ways of working due to covid-19 with demand coming in peaks and troughs. But temps needn’t be a flash in the pan reaction to being busy, many businesses have built themselves up on employing temporary workers, just as much as some candidates have become career temps due to the nature of the gig economy. There are many benefits to employers of recruiting temporary workers, which we go into more detail here in our latest blog. Less risk to the employer Recruiting a temp is a lot less risky than recruiting a permanent member of staff. Firstly, the temp is employed by the recruitment agency on a zero hour contract and not by the employer directly. Should the placement not work out you are under no legal obligation to keep the worker on, and there will be no lengthy notice period or severance pay. All the risk is on us, the recruitment agency, as we are the ones who shortlist, interview, and put forward the best candidates for the job at hand. We also deal with all the identity and reference checking on your behalf to make sure your temporary workers are indeed eligible to work, and come with the required references from previous employers to give you peace of mind you are taking on the best person for the job. More flexibility Temps can offer your business a lot of flexibility. You may only have a requirement for a short period of time, and regardless of whether this is for a day, a month or even a year, you have the option to take on the temp for as long as you need them. They can be utilised to cover busy periods if the nature of your work is seasonal, or they can be used for holiday or sickness cover if you are unable to manage without cover for specific job roles. We understand how time consuming it can be at the best of times to find the right candidates for a job, so if you’re recruiting to a tight deadline for an immediate start, the flexibility of using a temporary worker can mean you don’t have to suffer any down time. Try before you buy Regardless of whether you are recruiting a temp to fill a short term vacancy to provide cover, or have a more long-term placement in mind, recruiting a temp into the position can give you an option to ‘try before you buy’. The position may be completely new, and you want to see how someone gets on with the role before deciding to make it permanent. Recruiting someone on a temporary basis buys you time as well as providing immediate cover for your role, meaning you can try someone out in the meantime as part of your recruitment process. It’s an opportunity for you to see how the candidate fits into your working environment, and if they are the right fit culturally as well as from a performance perspective. You only need temporary cover Regardless of how long your requirement for a new employee is, our team are here to advise on the best recruitment model for your business. We never operate on a one size fits all approach, and rather than push for a permanent placement which would generate us more fees, if a temporary contract is the best option that’s what we will advise. It’s in our best interest to supply the right people for your vacancies – to us, a happy client is a returning client. If you haven’t worked with temps before, we will run you through the whole process, making sure you understand your obligations as well as ours in supplying you with temporary staff. Our ongoing support is there for you from the initial induction and throughout the temporary assignment, no matter how long this is. Large pool of temporary candidates At Multitask Personnel, we already have a large pool of temporary candidates on our books who are regular workers that provide cover for many of our clients. Our dedicated temp desk means we have specialist staff that solely deal with temporary placements, so we can advise not only on the recruitment process, but can also put forward the right people for the job to provide a quick and effective resolution. We can provide onsite contract management, working with your recruitment team at your premises or offer a fully managed service for your entire recruitment function. Just like temporary workers, we also offer complete flexibility with our vast range of recruitment services. Sub-contractors As we are a specialist recruiter, we have an abundance of experience in supplying subcontractors to our clients. We are CIS and Gas Safe registered, and can supply staff who will come in their own vehicles, with the own insurances as well as the required industry accreditations and memberships. In short, we take away all the stress of recruiting from scratch with ready made solutions for our clients in the trades sectors. What’s next? If you have a current recruitment requirement that lends itself to taking on temporary workers, drop us a line on 0845 478 5009 or enquiries@multitaskpersonnel.co.uk and we will talk you through the process. Regardless of whether you need one temp or a whole team, we have the candidates and the experience to make sure the whole process runs smoothly. If there is a gap in your business, we can help you plug this with a temp! Read more about our temporary recruitment service here.
  • One thing we’ve all learnt during lock-down is we must be more flexible when it comes to work. The traditional office environment is (temporarily) on hold, and although we are starting to see renewed activity with many businesses returning to the workplace, social distancing still needs to be upheld to allow this to be done safely, meaning flexibility is still at the top of the agenda. As we all adapt to the ‘new normal’ many businesses have experienced turbulent times of late changing the way we have to deal with our customers and suppliers. Whilst we all work out a solution for ourselves, now is the time to work together and help our fellow businesses come out on top as we gradually make it through to the other side. At Multitask Personnel, we’re no different. Without our fantastic customers we wouldn’t be here, so we want to extend a helping hand wherever we can to help ease everyone back into the new way of working, and to protect those bottom lines. A flexible permanent recruitment solution We’ve always had a great relationship with our clients, built on trust and flexibility over the past 10 years. Now of all times, provides us with a great opportunity to give something back by offering a completely flexible solution on permanent recruitment fees to help our clients who need to recruit during these difficult times. What’s on offer? We’ve put some provisions in place to offer some flexibility with our fees for all permanent placements whilst the market starts to gain traction once again. Flexible packages of support have always been available to our clients depending on the level of service they require from us, but in addition to this we’re introducing a few other ways where we can help give our clients a bit more breathing space. Fixed fees for volume roles Multitask Personnel has always been set up to deal with volume roles for our clients, in particular via our support services division, where we can help our clients fill their office or warehouse support roles. If your business needs to recruit several roles in specific departments, we are happy to offer a fixed fee service, agreed at the outset, for all volume recruitment requirements. This means our clients have the option to pay a fixed fee for all roles as part of their next recruitment drive, as well as individual fees per person. Just let us know who you need to recruit, how many roles are available and we will be happy to help cast the net as wide as possible to attract the right type of person for your business. Split fees Employee retention is a key driver for many business, and part of our service to our clients is making sure we are putting forward not only the best people for the job, but also the ones who are likely to stay in the job for many years to come. We want our clients to get as much value out of their employees as possible, as from our perspective, a happy client is a returning client. We understand how difficult it can be at times to make sure you have got the right person in the role, so if you have a requirement for any white collar roles, our professional division is happy to offer a split fee structure which gives our clients the option to pay over a longer period of time whilst you are trying your new recruit out, so you can be 100% sure on your new recruit. Extended rebate You may need to recruit quickly to ensure you have the right staffing levels to copy with demand post lock-down. Whilst this is a great position to be in as it means work is picking back up again, you need to make sure your recruitment process is still as stringent as it would normally be to avoid making any knee-jerk reactions. A rebate period is a layer of added security to give you piece of mind that you have got the right person for your vacancy. Typically after a three month period you will know if your new recruit is right for the job or not, and if you’re not satisfied you have options to claw back some (or even all) of your recruitment fee. To make sure you are recruiting the right people for your vacancies we are extending our rebate period for up to 6 months, meaning you can take your time with the onboarding process during busy periods, and giving you yet another opportunity to ‘try before you buy’. What’s right for us, is what’s right for you Our recruitment processes have always been set up with our client’s best interests at heart. We want to make sure you can still achieve your recruitment goals as the UK business market starts to take off once again, in the most cost effective way as possible. Fixed fees, split fees and extended rebates (or even a combination of all three) are just a few ways we can reaffirm our commitment to our clients and provide the reassurances needed that your next recruitment drive need not be high risk, either in fees or staff turnover. If we can do anything to help our clients with a more flexible recruitment solution during these unprecedented times, we will make it our aim to do so. To discuss your next recruitment drive with one of our professional recruiters simply contact us on 0845 478 5009 or visit www.multitaskpersonnel.co.uk.
  • Recruitment agencies… often said in the same sentence as an expletive due to an over-aggressive minority of firms giving the entire sector a bad name. But we’re not all bad, and we’re certainly not all the same. Yes, we’re here to make money by providing our services just the same as any other business, however many firms are not in it to simply make a quick buck and do have the best, and the long-term interests of their clients at heart. Welcome to Multitask Personnel. We’re a South Yorkshire based recruitment partner (notice we said partner there and not agency?), who work on a national scale to provide an all encompassing solution to clients across a variety of sectors, in particular Utilities, Construction, Building Services, Plumbing & Heating and M&E. We don’t claim to be a jack of all trades because that would mean we are a master of none, and that is certainly not the case. We have strategically aligned ourselves and our staff to make sure we can provide an all-round service for businesses that have a mix of blue collar, white collar, and support staff. This means the same thing to our customers as it does to ourselves – we can supply key members of staff to fill all of your roles, meaning you don’t have to go out to multiple agencies for different types of employee. How does this benefit you, the employer? Quite simply put, once we have proved our credentials are what we say they are, you can put all your trust in us to find the right people to help your organisation fly. The employer / recruiter relationship is key to long-term success, and that’s what we like to do – strike up long-term relationships with our clients by getting to know their business, the people, and its culture inside out. When that trust is there, the same trust we have built up with many long-term clients since we started in business almost 10 years ago, the process of finding the best employees becomes a much easier task because you can rely on your recruitment partner to put forward the most appropriate candidates that are the right fit for you. Because each of our specialist divisions (Technical, Professional and Support Services) has its own team of specialist recruiters who are formally trained within the industry, it means they know their sector inside out and understand how your business operates. This makes finding the right staff so much easier. Recruitment doesn’t stop when a placement is made We know that finding the right person for your business is not always an easy task, there are so many candidates on the market (even more so in the current climate) and streamlining the hiring process can be a mine field, especially if you don’t have the time or human resource to deal with this in-house. That’s where your recruitment agency earns its fee. If they’re doing their job right, they will make this process as stress free as possible by taking away the pains of shortlisting and profiling, and only putting the most relevant candidates forward for interview consideration. But let’s not leave it at that. A good agency should also be thinking about staff retention with everyone they put forward. Are the candidates likely to stick around and become a vital part of the business for years to come? Are they good team players? Do they have the right personality type to fit in with the culture of the business? It’s not just about making a quick placement. The more value you get from your employees, that more likely you are to work with your agency again! To us, a happy client is a returning client, and that’s where the partnership element comes in yet again. At Multitask Personnel, we work with a large pool of active candidates who we can put forward for permanent, temporary or contract vacancies across a comprehensive range of positions within your business. From office support to highly skilled technical roles, our job is to take away the hassle of recruitment, leaving you free to get on with running your business.   We like to think our recruitment methods focus on more than just the here and now. We become part of your organisation, a bit like the internal recruitment department you never had, and become advocates for your brand to filter through the most appropriate candidates. Building a long-lasting and trusted partnership makes sure the relationship is built on a collaboration and not merely on a transactional basis. What should you expect from working with a recruitment partner like Multitask Personnel? As staff retention and development is a key driver for our own organisation, we understand the importance of making sure the right candidates are put forward for your roles. We can offer help and advice on shortlisting, making an offer and onboarding any new recruits you take on. It might sound like an age old cliché, but we’re there with you at every step of the recruitment process. We aim to offer much more than just a standard service, and are geared up to provide support to every area of your business from unskilled temporary workers right through to skilled engineers, trades people and senior office managers. Our processes are carefully crafted to match the ambitions and culture of our clients to ensure we deliver the best results possible. Regardless of whether you have worked with another recruitment agency before, you may wish to ask yourself the following questions: Are your current recruitment methods attracting the right type of applicant?Are you spending too much time on the recruitment process?Are you interviewing candidates that don’t match your job specification?Are you interviewing enough quality candidates for your vacancies? If your answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions, then maybe it is time to review your current recruitment methods and speak to Multitask Personnel! For more information please contact us on 0845 478 5009 or visit www.multitaskpersonnel.co.uk