Dan Headley

Executive Recruiter & Client Manager

My role at Multitask Personnel…

Instrumental in driving business expansion by acquiring and retaining clients. Focusing on developing strategic relationships, leveraging networking opportunities, and ensuring client satisfaction with our solutions. Additionally, sourcing and recruiting senior-level personnel tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

My career to date...

With over a decade of entrepreneurial leadership as the proprietor of a construction company and subsequent tenure with a national car dealer group, I successfully managed a thriving branch in Doncaster, recruiting the correct person and maintaining relationships with clients.

My favourite things about working for Multitask Personnel is…

The staff and atmosphere.


01709 820102

My hometown is…


When I was younger, I wanted to be…

A computer game developer

My hobbies include...

3D design & print


My favourite band / musician is…

80s & 90s

My favourite food is…

Steak, Chinese & Sushi

My favourite tipple is...

Darkfruit snakebite


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