Faye Tune

Customer Account Manager

I look after our key customers accounts, ensuring their recruitment needs are met as efficiently and quickly as possible. This may be large recruitment drives at specific times of the year, or the mobilisation of new contracts.

I specialise in filling admin roles and industrial positions, as well as any support roles for other current customers, such as volume recruitment or one off roles.

Experience in recruitment

I have over 10 years’ experience working in recruitment. I worked purely as an industrial recruiter for 6 years looking after large warehouse contracts all over South and West Yorkshire.

I started with Multitask in 2014 as a senior construction recruiter, and during my time here I have gained experience working within every sector we work in.

About me

I enjoy cooking and baking and used to be classed as the office feeder, I have now embarked on a lose weight and get fit regime so am no longer baking buns to feed everyone with (I now let everyone know how many calories are in everything they eat!!!!)

My hobbies are going to the gym, walking, cooking low fat meals and drinking gin with slimline tonic.

I live within a mile radius of where I was brought up and went to school. I don’t think I will move out of the area as I love knowing everyone and their grandparents!