Kevan Locke

Finance Manager

My role at Multitask Personnel…

Overseeing all Finance functions.

My career to date…

I’ve had a variety of roles in office and financial management, starting out as an office junior in 1977, then spending a lot of time in the meat industry, before joining Multitask Personnal as a Senior Accounts Clerk in 2020.

My favourite thing about working for Multitask Personnel is…

Seeing all the beautiful smiling faces in the office and being able to make a positive difference to the company.

01709 820 102
My hometown is…
When I was younger, I wanted to be…
Pro Footballer
My favourite band / musician is…
Spandau Ballet
Lionel Ritchie – Luther Vandross – Whitney Houston
My favourite quote is…
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!
My favourite food is…
Mixed Grill
My favourite tipple is…
Strongbow Darkfruits, but I’m not really a drinker!!
Proudest moment
The birth of my son, Kieran

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