In the run-up to the election, the Labour Party proposed significant reforms to UK employment law under the initiative “Labour’s Plan to Make Work Pay: Delivering A New Deal for Working People

With Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party having won the 2024 general election in a landslide victory, legislation is expected to be put before Parliament within the first 100 days of the Labour Party assuming office.

This blog will explore some of the promises Labour have promised to deliver.

Clean Energy

A central element of Labour’s manifesto was the creation of a new publicly-owned clean energy company, Great British Energy, to stimulate investment in renewable energy technologies. This initiative will be supported by an £8.3 billion government investment.

Labour has set ambitious clean energy targets, including plans to "double onshore wind, triple solar power, and quadruple offshore wind by 2030." Additionally, they will invest in carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, and marine energy, aiming to establish the UK’s long-term energy storage infrastructure.

A crucial aspect of this strategy is Labour's commitment to lifting the effective ban on new onshore wind developments. By reforming planning regulations, the party expects to more than double onshore wind capacity to 35GW by 2030.

This is great news for the energy and renewables sector with this investment likely to significantly grow the market and create more jobs. This is where our team here at Multitask Personnel come in to help find the perfect candidates for those jobs!

Skills and training

Labour plans to address falling apprenticeship numbers and skill shortages by establishing ‘Skills England’ to bring together business, training providers and unions with national and local government to ensure we have the highly trained workforce needed to deliver Labour’s Industrial Strategy.

Shadow education secretary Bridget Phillipson says the party will allow businesses to use up to 50% of the cash provided by the government to fund apprenticeships or training for existing staff in ‘high-level technical skills’. This training will be for jobs in sectors such as the Mechanical & Electrical. Our team at Multitask Personnel can help find jobs for those candidates or for businesses in that sector looking to recruit.

New Industrial Strategy

To advance its economic growth objectives, the Labour Party intends to launch a new industrial strategy aimed at developing domestic supply chains crucial for attaining net zero and other long-term targets. Additionally, they plan to establish Britain as a leading exporter of future technologies.

A newly formed Industrial Strategy Council will offer expert guidance. Labour also plans to create a National Wealth Fund to stimulate investment in growth and clean energy, allocating £7.3 billion for this purpose and aiming to attract £3 of private investment for every £1 of public investment.

In summary, the new Labour government’s strong emphasis on renewable energy and infrastructure development is likely to create significant opportunities and jobs in these sectors.

If you are a candidate looking for your next career move or an employer looking to strengthen your team, contact us at 01709 820102 or email us at today to see how we can help.

Leading South Yorkshire based recruitment consultancy, Multitask Personnel, has set up a working partnership with Arena Training Centre, one of the regions go-to training providers in the electrical services sector, to offer a joined up approach to recruitment and upskilling Electricians for EV and Solar PV/Battery EESS installations.

This has enabled Multitask Personnel to offer employers a complete solution to not only recruit, but also upskill key staff as they embrace new roles in the Energy & Renewables, and Mechanical & Electrical sectors.

With rapid growth within these sectors and only a small percentage of electricians being fully trained in Solar/Battery or EV, this is creating a lot of challenges for the industry. This collaboration creates a solution to facilitate the demand from employers, enabling Multitask Personnel to offer a package to recruit qualified electricians who are looking to move into the renewables sector, and upskilling them through the relevant training so they are ready made for the employer to take them on.  

Backed up by a new five-step approach, including candidate sourcing, interviewing, identifying skills gaps, delivering training and issuing the relevant certification, this collaboration is designed to ensure that employers can take on employees who are part qualified and upskill them quickly and efficiently to the required level to take on the role.

Claire Lee, Managing Director of Multitask Personnel comments: "We are thrilled to collaborate with Arena Training Centre to offer a comprehensive solution for recruiting and upskilling electricians for EV and Solar PV/Battery EESS installations. This partnership reflects our commitment to supporting businesses in the renewable energy sector by providing them with highly skilled and certified professionals.

“Working with employers in these fast moving sectors, we’ve identified there are skills gaps that are restricting recruitment so we’re working hand in hand with both the employer and the candidate to overcome these obstacles and make sure that if the candidate is the right fit, they can quickly be upskilled to the required standards.”

Peter Montfort, Director of Arena Training adds: “We are excited to join forces with Multitask Personnel. By combining our expertise in training with their recruitment capabilities, we can ensure that businesses receive well-trained, certified electricians ready to meet the demands of the rapidly growing renewable energy market.”

Further information about the joint offering can be found here.

For more information about what Multitask Personnel and Arena Training Centre have to offer for employers across the region, please visit and

We have recruiters who focus on each area of a business within our specialist sectors, including Business Support, Blue Collar, White Collar & Executive level appointments.
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