Multitask Personnel, a leading specialist recruitment consultancy based in Rotherham, is excited to announce the appointment of Dan Headley as their new Client Relationship Manager. With a wealth of experience in entrepreneurial leadership and client relationship management, Dan will play a pivotal role in advancing the company's business expansion and ensuring client satisfaction.

In his new role, Dan will spearhead strategic initiatives to acquire and retain clients, employing his extensive background in relationship-building, networking, and collaborative efforts. With over a decade of entrepreneurial leadership as the proprietor of a construction company and a successful tenure with a national car dealer group, Dan brings a unique blend of skills to Multitask Personnel.

Claire Lee, Managing Director of Multitask Personnel, comments: "We are delighted to welcome Dan Headley as our Client Relationship Manager. His entrepreneurial spirit and proven track record in, customer service, client management and business development align perfectly with our vision for growth. Dan's experience in maintaining thriving branches and cultivating client relationships makes him an invaluable addition to our team."

Dan's expertise will not only contribute to the overall expansion of Multitask Personnel but also play a crucial role in the growth of the company's Construction and M&E divisions. His strategic vision and industry knowledge will be instrumental in maintaining the company's position as a key player in these sectors.

Commenting on his appointment, Dan Headley adds: "I am excited to join Multitask Personnel and contribute to the continued success of the company. I look forward to leveraging my experience to strengthen client relationships, drive strategic growth, and play a key role in the development of the M&E and Construction divisions.

Multitask Personnel is confident that Dan's leadership and client-focused approach will enhance the company's position in the market and support its commitment to delivering exceptional workforce solutions.

Find out more about Multitask Personnel by contacting the team on 01709 820102, or by visiting

In the fast-paced and competitive world of the construction industry, finding and attracting top talent can be a daunting task. Employers need effective recruitment solutions to connect with skilled professionals who possess the right qualifications and experience. In this blog, we will explore key recruitment strategies that help construction companies overcome their hiring challenges and connect with the best candidates.

Online Job Portals and Platforms

Dedicated online job portals and platforms have transformed the recruitment landscape for the construction sector. There are platforms that cater specifically to construction companies, enabling employers to post job listings and connect with potential candidates easily.

Working with a recruitment consultancy, like Multitask Personnel allows for the access of a centralised hub of skilled professionals actively seeking construction job opportunities, meaning employers can save time by using the agencies resources and connect with top talent quicker.

And from a candidate’s point of view, they can showcase their expertise, upload CVs, and create profiles to highlight their skills, providing employers / or agencies acting on behalf of an employer, with comprehensive information for candidate evaluation.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology offers construction employers on-the-go access to a vast talent pool. With mobile apps and responsive websites, employers can browse CVs, review candidate profiles, and conduct remote interviews. Video conferencing and messaging features eliminate geographical barriers, allowing employers to connect with candidates as quickly as possible.

Real-time updates, notifications, and instant communication through mobile technology helps streamline the recruitment process, enhancing efficiency and ensuring a seamless experience. Combined with a team of industry-specific recruiters who possess deep knowledge and understanding of the construction sector, you can be assured of finding the right candidate.

At Multitask Personnel we are always utilising the latest technology and features to ensure we have the most up-to-date industry information as well as the speed to find the right candidates for construction companies.

Social Media Recruiting

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter offer construction companies a vast network of professionals. By utilising social media recruiting strategies, employers can showcase company culture, promote job openings, and engage with both active and passive candidates.

Multitask Personnel, for instance, incorporates social media recruiting to tap into a wider talent pool. This approach allows construction companies to attract candidates who align with their organisation's values and goals.

Data-Driven Recruiting

Data-driven recruiting leverages recruitment software and algorithms to analyse extensive candidate data. By considering factors such as skills, experience, qualifications, and cultural fit, employers can make informed hiring decisions.

Partnering with a reputable recruitment consultancy, like ours, that specialises in the construction sector, provides access to an extensive database of pre-screened skilled candidates. This saves time and helps employers quickly find suitable candidates for temporary, permanent, or contract placements.

Solutions, not problems

Offering a streamlined recruitment solution is essential for construction companies aiming to connect with top talent. Online job portals, mobile apps, data-driven recruiting, and social media platforms provide powerful tools that streamline the recruitment process and help employers find skilled professionals.

By partnering with a trusted recruitment consultancy like Multitask Personnel, construction companies can access a pool of qualified candidates and benefit from their industry-specific knowledge and expertise.

Embracing these innovative solutions will enable employers to build a strong workforce, drive project success, and propel their businesses to new heights in the construction sector.

Contact Multitask Personnel today to experience the difference they can make in your construction sector staffing: or 01709 820102

Our client is a turnkey interior fit out and refurbishment specialist company, working across the public and private sector. Multitask Personnel supply Temporary and Permanent recruitment services to this large main contractor in the Construction industry.

Building a new client relationship

With any new client, we aim to have several discussions on the phone, and in person. By visiting our client's offices in the South West and meeting some of the Senior Management team, it allows us to understand out client and build a strong working relationship with them.

Managing the hiring process

With all new positions, we will obtain a detailed job specification from our client. These roles can be temporary, or contract hires for various roles across the public and private sectors, such as Site Managers, Labourers, Project Managers, and Health & Safety experts.

Our client will issue us with a schedule of works with all upcoming projects, and it is then our job to identify suitably experienced Site Managers from our database. Once we have done this, we will then talk to them about the type of project they will be working on and the duration of the contract.

By having these conversations it ensures that they are a good fit for that project and allows us to check that they are available to work the days required. We will then send the schedule back to the client to confirm which Site Managers we have allocated to which project.

Where possible, we try to use managers who have worked for our client before and where the feedback was positive. If this is not possible, we will search for new Site Managers within the local region, and if we have not worked with them before, we will obtain qualifications, carry out both a telephone and video interview, and ask for two relevant references. 

We call our client to ensure we are clear on the requirement and expectations needed, to ensure we have the maximum amount of information to hand to find the right potential applicants for the roles.

We have access to the top three job boards and a range of social media platforms, plus with our diverse and expansive database, we can carry out CV searches. We also utilise LinkedIn to identify candidates to approach about the role.  

Finding the right candidates

Once we have potential candidates of interest, we would do an initial interview that would include an in-depth conversation about the company, their business growth plan, the role, the opportunity for progression, and benefits. 

We then go into the candidate’s work history and ensure they are a good fit for the client from both an experience and cultural point of view.  Following this stage being positive, we would send over the CV and notes to the client to review, we would also generally back this up with a quick call to explain more about why we have put the candidate in front of them.

Once the client has confirmed they wish to arrange an interview, we would organise this and send out confirmations on email to both the client and candidate. Each stage of the interview process is followed up with both the client and candidate with feedback given at all stages of the process.

Finalising the recruitment process

When a candidate is successful the client will either call or email us with an offer letter or a brief where we aim to get as much information as possible. This will include the start date, salary level, induction details etc. When filling Project Manager roles, a call is organised to talk them through the project, and we will issue a job pack to them.  We would then send them a full confirmation email with the site details, agreed rates and dates.

In addition to Site Managers we, on an ad hock basis, also supply Project Managers for short term assignments and labourers within the local area to the sites.

Once we have all the information we need, we can then relay this to the candidate and ensure they know the highest level of information before they accept the role. The candidate will receive the offer letter from us as well as the client to confirm all the details we have given them, verbally.

Once the candidate has accepted and they have received all the documentation required, we keep in contact with them until the start date to ensure they don’t have any further questions and are ready to start their new employment.

An extra touch of personalisation

To maintain a good level of service and the quality of candidates provided, we carry out a formal candidate review/reference with each Project manager within a week of any new site managers starting, we also carry our quarterly service reviews with the Senior management team to review the service provided and any improvement areas moving forward.

The result

Since working with this client, we have been offering temporary and contract hire roles for Site Managers, Labourers, Project Managers, and Health & Safety experts.

“We have recently moved our resourcing of temporary and permanent team members to Multitask Personnel, what a difference! Claire and the team have been fantastic. A true extension on our internal team always making us feel that our roles are the most important and more importantly going the extra mile to find candidates that are a good fit for our business. Awesome service thank-you”

Joint Managing Director, Construction

“Fantastic service, great people. Claire was incredibly supportive and driven when working with me to secure an interview and placement with a company. Her follow up was always on time and her accuracy in putting me forward for the right position was spot on”

Permanent candidate, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager

“Staff always polite and supportive. Always came back with responses even when there was no positions open in the market. Got a placement pretty quickly, the whole process was very transparent and hassle free. Hats off to Claire for her support with my transition from overseas, back to the UK market.
Highly recommenced if your searching for a change in your career”

Temp/Contract candidate, Project Manager

A tailored approach

Multitask Personnel are an independent agency who can offer a tailored service, this can be anything on the flexible payment types to the level of service we offer. Each contract will have a main point of contact at Multitask who will monitor the SLAs are being meet and that we go out to see the clients roughly every month to ensure we are continuing to build a strong relationship.

If you need support in finding the right construction & property candidate for your company, get in touch: or 01709 820102 

Our client delivers people-focused, intelligence-driven property services offering better outcomes for customers and clients. The company repair and maintain buildings, manage properties, build homes, and support clients with all their property needs.

They require up to 70 Trades and M&E candidates, and 30 active roles to fill at one time.

Providing temporary and permanent candidates

Here at Multitask Personnel, we pride ourselves on the quality of service we deliver to each client, therefore the knowledge and background of our recruiters is essential to the hiring process.  Having experienced recruiters behind us means we can understand and meet our client’s needs, finding candidates to fit their requirements and help them develop a strong work team.

Our Account Manager and resource support personnel, source, and screen suitable candidates for our clients on an ongoing basis to utilise the specialist recruiters within the business, when required. 

Managing the hiring process

Each week our Accounts Manager will obtain an up-to-date list of vacancies from each of the nationwide Property Services’ departments, making sure we have full job details, pay grades and benefits for each live vacancy. These will be a mixture of Trades People, Gas Engineers, Electricians, Office Support Staff and Management positions. 

Throughout the process we discuss the vacancies in more detail with the relevant managers to ensure that we have covered all requirements; this allows us to identify the urgency of the position and pinpoint key attributes needed from a potential candidate.

With this client being nationwide, we work closely with many different departments and hiring managers old and new. We take the time to get to know each hiring manager and understand what their expectations are for us to help identify the right candidates. The Account Manager will visit each hiring manager on a regular basis to review the candidates we have supplied, and the service received, plus discuss upcoming requirements and changes within the business. 

Finding the correct candidate

With Multitask Personnel being an established company, we have a huge database of workers. When a suitable role is matched with a candidate, a text will go out advising them of the role. This gives candidates the opportunity to see vacancies before they go on the internet, leading to early application.

It’s impertinent to us that we advertise the roles on numerous job boards and websites, including social media. We aim to advertise the roles in a way that is with the candidate in mind; highlighting the key points we think they want to see.  We’re able to utilise online job boards through detailed CV searches. For more specialised roles we also use LinkedIn and ‘head hunt.’

Once we have identified, or have been approached by suitable candidates, they are put through a full screening process with one of our specialised recruiters. This allows us to gather further relevant experience the candidates have, and to fully brief them on the company, role, and benefits on offer. And once they have passed the screening process, we will put them forward for the position and obtain all Compliance Documents required to make the transition into the new role as seamless and as organised as possible.

Informing our client

We would at this stage send the client all the information necessary – including a formatted version of the candidates CV, and a brief bio on the candidate; highlighting their relevant experience, current situation and why we think they fit the role, plus relevant qualifications for the role.

The relationship we have with our client usually allows us to receive feedback on the candidate within 24 hours.

Successful candidates will either be offered an interview with the client which we will arrange, which could be over the phone, video, or face to face. Or in some positions such as trades roles, are offered a start date from the client following our submission of the candidate, as we provide enough information for them to decide.

Once a successful candidate has verbally accepted a position, we put together the confirmation details and email out to the candidate and client. We will remain in contact with the candidate right up to the start date, wishing them luck on the day and checking in to see how they found everything.

The result

Multitask Personnel have recruited thousands of temporary and permanent positions per month for our client over the years, along with providing pre-employment support.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Claire and Multitask for several years now and cannot fault her and the teams professional approach and dedication.”

Assistant Director of Operations, Property Services

A tailored approach

As an independent company, we can offer a tailored service to all clients. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, we listen to the needs of each customer to give a bespoke service. Having this approach allows us to offer flexibility with terms, service level agreements, rebates, and payment options to suit. We have account managers in place to allow a direct contact on hand, offering a prompt service at all times.

If you need support in finding the right candidate for your company, get in touch: or 01709 820102

Multitask Personnel, the Rotherham based specialist recruitment consultancy, have promoted Clive Bateman to Branch Manager within the Construction and Mechanical & Electrical teams.

Clive, who has close to 30 years’ experience at various levels within the recruitment sector, joined Multitask as Managing Consultant last year, and has built a successful career providing recruitment services throughout the UK, predominantly within the Construction and Interior Fit Out industries.

Clive comments: “After joining Multitask in the Spring of 2021 as a Managing Consultant, it fills me with great pride to have been offered this promotion to Branch Manager. I have a wealth of experience in recruitment, in particular within the sectors that we work in at Multitask Personnel and coming from a managerial background provides me with the knowledge I need to make a success of my new role.”

Claire Lee, Managing Director at Multitask Personnel comments: “It brings me great pleasure in offering Clive the role as Branch Manager for the Construction and Mechanical & Electrical teams. Clive will be responsible for both the temporary and permanent 360 recruitment teams and will be leading from the front, bringing on new business, and assisting me to achieve business growth plans.

Clive offers great support and motivation for the team and has achieved so much already in his time at Multitask, and I am delighted to see his progress and commitment with this promotion. With Clive taking on this role, it will allow me to be more hands on with the Managed Services team as we look to the future of filling more roles and taking on new contracts.

“I feel very excited about the new structure for Multitask Personnel, and I know Clive will do a fantastic job in his new position.”

The positive demand for recruitment consultancy work has allowed Multitask Personnel to expand on their own team over the past 18 months, with their total head count now standing at 15 members of staff.

Clive, and the team can be contacted on 01709 820102 or

The start of a new year has always been one of the best times to look for a new job. However, this year, it’s probably even more relevant as job vacancies hit an all-time high.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there were over 1.1m vacancies in the UK, up to Christmas – the highest level since 2001. And, with vacancies existing across most sectors, our latest estimate is that there are now as many jobs on offer as there were before the Covid pandemic hit.

This is despite the prediction that there would be major unemployment due to Covid-19. This didn’t happen as forecast, mainly due to several other factors that came into play around the same time:

According to insurance firm, Aviva, Covid has been a major decider for many to voluntarily remove themselves from the workforce. In the USA this has been dubbed the ‘Great Resignation’ with over 5m withdrawing their labour with a similar trend now occurring in the UK.

Aviva say that an increasing number of people are now taking early retirement at 60 rather than wait for the official retirement age of 66. This desire to re-assess priorities is nothing new, of course, but there is no doubt the pandemic has spurred on those who had previously been considering this option.

What does this mean for the current job market?

It means new opportunities are opening up as soaring demands and skill shortages start to have an impact on UK employment. There is no doubt, we are seeing increased competition as employers vie to attract talent; this implies that it’s undoubtedly a job seeker led market at the moment.

The introduction of flexible and hybrid working coupled with acute skill shortages, especially in certain sectors, and the ‘great resignation’ means a job boom that currently shows no signs of slowing down.

We believe this is a great time to consider a re-evaluation of your current employment. Covid has changed our attitude to work - for some, early retirement may be an option that could include an opportunity of returning to work on a part time basis. We have a specialist team of recruiters that can help you search out potential part time and / or flexible vacancies.

For many people, the Christmas break was a time for reflection. The possibility of downsizing to a smaller house, the chance to consider landscaping the garden, re-decorating the house, planning a summer holiday and for some, considering their future employment status and career.

Are you one of those ready for a change?

The good news is that we have a pool of Employers who are looking for staff, especially those possessing sought after skills (get in touch and we can explain more). For those looking for a move, we recommend researching the current jobs market (again, we can help) to understand what sectors are thriving and what skills are needed to respond to current vacancies.

The starting point is to identify your current skill set. And we are not just talking about accredited or on the job skills. Transferable soft skills such as good communication, leadership, problem solving etc. should be included to give you a complete skills package.

If you’re serious about a career move or employment sidestep, we suggest taking time out this month, to update your CV. Consider what skills and experiences will ensure employment in the future and how you can add value to their business.

These could be applicable to the job description, such as Construction or Building Services, or across the board ‘people skills’. It’s also worth spending time updating your LinkedIn profile. Add new skills, including those you’ve been developing through lockdown, and ensure you are re-connecting with former colleagues, friends and contacts made during the last 18 months. In fact, everyone whom you feel can help you step up to a new career.

To summarise

Businesses in this area are hiring. The number of vacancies continues to rise across most sectors and there is no doubt, the easing of Covid-19 restrictions in England, has helped open the current jobs market. The period prior to Christmas saw the highest number of job vacancies since before the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March 2020.

As you will see from our job board, we have plenty of vacancies across all industries and throughout the region. However, with a surfeit of redundancies over the past year, there is a lot of competition out there.

Our advice is to prepare well for your next position. Have an open mind when looking for new job opportunities. Do your research to identify growth sectors and match these with your current (and future) skill set.

And most importantly, register with a recruitment partner, such as ourselves, in order to hear first of suitable vacancies as well as receive help and support in your quest to make 2022 the year of opportunity.

For more information on looking for a new job in 2022, contact the team at Multitask Personnel on 01709 820102 or and we will help match you with employers best suited to your skills.

We have recruiters who focus on each area of a business within our specialist sectors, including Business Support, Blue Collar, White Collar & Executive level appointments.
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