Our client provides specialist property management services to a wide range of clients throughout the UK, prominently in Education, Healthcare, Retail and Leisure sectors.

Since early 2017, they have on-boarded new companies from around the UK which have enabled them to broaden their client base and delivery services within the technical sectors. These services are delivered through their four business divisions, each linking to support their customers work, software services, workplace and compliance, technical and real estate and maintenance and engineering.

Providing management and specialist services

Our client approached us due to the specialist knowledge Multitask Personnel holds within property and facilities management; we have several professional recruiters on hand who deliver a dedicated service. In addition to this, we thrive on being able to provide an excellent service to each hiring manager by showing exceptional communication skills which helps aid the recruitment journey.

Each recruiter within Multitask has specialist knowledge within certain sectors whether this be Trades & Labour, Mechanical & Electrical, Industrial or Commercial.

Managing the hiring process

Whenever we are approached with a new position, we acquire a detailed job description from our client. These roles can be either temporary or permanent roles, such as Maintenance Operatives, Gas Engineers, Electricians as well as Administration and Customer Service Agents. We also work to higher level roles such as Contracts Managers, Estimators and Project Managers.

We call each customer to qualify the role to ensure we have the maximum amount of information needed to sell the position to potential applicants.

We have access to the top three job boards and a range of social media platforms, plus over the past 12 years, Multitask has created a diverse database including a range on candidates where a bulk text / email can be sent out meaning we are able to find the right person for the job quickly.

Finding the right candidate

Each applicant that applies is screened by a specialist recruiter who will gain a further insight to their experience, their qualification, and expectations, this then allows us to shortlist candidates for the position. When shortlisting candidates, we ask them to send over all the correct documents requested by the client so we can send these over with an updated but formatted CV in one go.

By having a confidential chat with each candidate, it helps us communicate more information to the client when sending over their documents, as we will gain a better understanding of their current situation and what their expectations/ goals are within a new role.

As we have built a strong relationship with each client and advised them on what the market is currently like, we aim to get feedback within 24 hours to inform us if they would like to progress them onto the next stage – this is usually a 1st interview. Multitask will confirm each stage of the interview and provide feedback as soon as the interview has been completed. Should they advance to the next stage, which is usually with a contracts or divisional manager, we again would confirm this.

Each candidate is sent over an invitation to the interview along with the job description and company website so they can gain a good understanding of the company. Furthermore, each application receives a phone call the morning of the interview to confirm their attended and to wish them luck.

Building a new client relationship

With any client, we aim to book in a review meeting so we can gain a better insight of the company and the roles we are recruiting for. This allows us to gain knowledge on the office environment, and the benefits of working there such as parking / local shops; things that you might not necessarily gain from a phone call. Equally this helps to build a strong relationship with the client and have a more personal approach.

Finalising the recruitment process

When a candidate is successful the client with either call or email us with an offer letter or a brief where we aim to get as much information as possible. This will include the start date, salary level, induction details etc. By gaining this information we can then relay this to the candidate and ensure they know the highest level of information before the accept the role. The candidate will receive the offer letter from us as well as the client to confirm all the details we have given them verbally.

Once the candidate has accepted and they have received all the documentation required, we keep in contact with them until the start date to ensure they don’t have any further questions and are ready to start their new employment.

The result

Since we have partnered with this client, we have primarily been offering our permanent services across the maintenance and engineering division and on average we place between three and eight permanent candidates a month.

A tailored approach

Multitask Personnel are an independent agency who can offer a tailored service, this can be anything on the flexible payment types to the level of service we offer. Each contract will have a main point of contact at Multitask who will monitor the SLAs are being meet and that we go out to see the clients roughly every month to ensure we are continuing to build a strong relationship.

If you need support in finding the right candidate for your company, get in touch: enquiries@multitaskpersonnel.co.uk or 01709 820102  

We have recruiters who focus on each area of a business within our specialist sectors, including Business Support, Blue Collar, White Collar & Executive level appointments.
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